About Us

We are a non-profit organization located in Pierce City, Missouri dedicated to parrot education and resources.

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Our adoption process helps us pair each individual parrot with their new homes to ensure the best fit

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The decision to surrender your parrot is a difficult one and we are here to help you and your parrot

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Help us provide our parrots veterinary care, food, toys, transportation, cages, and much more.

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Welcome to A Parrot’s Perch

About Us

We are an organization located in Pierce City, Missouri. We specialize in small to medium species of parrots with the intention to rehabilitate and find permanent homes for them. We provide veterinary care for all of our parrots as well as a diverse diet and stimulating atmosphere. Parrots surrendered into the rescue, once cleared by our avian vet, will be placed in either a foster home or at the main location. This decision is based on behavioral assessment by the director.

Without the help of individuals and local businesses that support us, A Parrot’s Perch would not be where it is today. That is why we have created a dedicated Supporters page to honor those who have helped our rescue.

Our goal is to help educate the community about the large undertaking that comes with successfully living with a parrot. If you have any questions regarding behavior, nutrition, or general parrot care, feel free to visit our Bird Care page or Contact Us with any further questions.


News Feed

Yesterday I had a wonderful conversation with a lady that was seriously considering surrendering her amazon to rescue. She had obtained her amazon after being told by a breeder it would be a perfect fit for her despite the fact that she wanted to quaker, and she felt she was failing as a parrot owner.

The funny part was she was actually excelling but because of what we perceive parrot conpanionship to be like she was under the impression that she wasn't fulfilling for amazon's needs and that she wasn't happy.

She described an AMAZING diet filled with healthy cooked foods, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. After the first two minutes of the conversation I knew she didn't really want to surrender and by the end of the conversation we had discussed some positive reinforcement training and target training techniques to help them develop the relationship.

Nobody is perfect when it comes to sharing your life with a parrot. The relationship, no matter the differences, is complex and ever-changing. If you are providing an enriched environment, a wonderful diet, and are doing everything you can to ensure your parents happiness don't look down on yourself.

A successful relationship with your parrot is not a one size fits all. There are no set in stone rules and sometimes surrendering is not the answer. Sometimes you just need to hear someone say you're doing a great job let's just add a little bit more.

Mokimo, you have a wonderful human caring for you!
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Kale is coming along great. He says, "gimme a kiss," and will let me come a lot closer. He lives cage free in the green cheek conure room. ... See MoreSee Less

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Powder Puff is looking for the home that will accept her how she is. She is very independent but when she is in the mood with fly/walk to you rather than stepping up for cuddles and attention.

She LOVES chop, it's her favorite dish.
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The littles absolute favorite dinner:

Avitechs Spirulina
Cous cous
Chia Seed
Hemp Seed
Avitechs Probiotics
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