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We are an organization located in Pierce City, Missouri. We specialize in small to medium species of parrots with the intention to rehabilitate and find permanent homes for them. We provide veterinary care for all of our parrots as well as a diverse diet and stimulating atmosphere. Parrots surrendered into the rescue, once cleared by our avian vet, will be placed in either a foster home or at the main location. This decision is based on behavioral assessment by the director.

Without the help of individuals and local businesses that support us, A Parrot’s Perch would not be where it is today. That is why we have created a dedicated Supporters page to honor those who have helped our rescue.

Our goal is to help educate the community about the large undertaking that comes with successfully living with a parrot. If you have any questions regarding behavior, nutrition, or general parrot care, feel free to visit our Bird Care page or Contact Us with any further questions.


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Woke up this morning to this, Gucci grooming Chaz. Ever since letting Gucci be cage free he has been 100% happier and truly loves visiting all the birds. ... See MoreSee Less

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Roxy playing on her bounce rope at her foster home. Roxy loves to eat and loves to fly. She is independent but will fly down for cuddle time when she sees fit, or when she sees you have food!

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Mokena getting some serious love from her foster, Frank. She has settled in great and is truly showing how awesome of a bird she is. Frank has said that she wants to step up constantly and be petted constantly. We are thrilled she is doing so well. ... See MoreSee Less

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Roxy eating her greens on her foster mom. Roxy loves to eat and lives to eat. She is a slightly more independent eclectus, and thoroughly enjoys her ability to fly. She will land on your shoulder or your chest if you decide to eat dinner without her. :-) She is waiting for the right family to come along to adopt her. ... See MoreSee Less

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