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My name is Stephanie Chambers (I am the director) and thank you for visiting our website. Our organization is comprised of both a main location and select foster homes. At our main location we take a unique approach, although its is becoming a more common trend, of no cages once out of quarantine.

We have three parrot rooms, each room is free flight with hanging play gyms and free standing play stands for entertainment and exercise. We have personally found that this cage free lifestyle creates happier parrots, they are able to socialize and they choose when they want to interact with humans. Now some parrots do come in that are not well suited for living cage free (aggression towards other parrots, insecure and need the cage for confidence, etc), those are placed in foster homes where they are still allowed several hours of cage free time.

We feed a 30/70 diet, this means we feed 30% pellets and 70% healthy cooked, fresh, and dehydrated foods. We have found this mix to be highly successful with our parrots and they seem to thrive. The pellets we feed are a mix of Harrison’s, Higgins InTune, and Zupreem. We also feed Higgins Worldly Cuisines (cooked food), My Safe Bird Store bountiful harvest blends (www.mysafebirdstore.com), and also use several Avitech products as supplements to enhance their diets. Both Avitech and Higgins Worldly Cuisines can be purchased at My Safe Bird Store, the link is right above.

My personal approach with behavior is do it on their terms, I never force a parrot to interact with me. This has shown great success here, birds that have never been handled have flown over to be interacted with because, in my opinion, they have the choice to leave or stay. We have our foster homes take the same approach. Watch their body language, use positive reinforcement, and go slow. Honestly, what is 3-6 months to develop a relationship with a bird when you potentially could have another 15-60 years with them (depending on species and current age)?

Well I don’t want to carry on too long, so I will end it there but I will try my best to come on at least once a week. If anyone has suggestions for a topic or has a question, feel free to ask!

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