A great way to help our organization is by volunteering! Volunteer jobs come in all shapes, sizes, and skills. You can volunteer to do something as simple as organize toys and pass out treats or a much needed job like cleaning floors and assembling toys. Volunteering is a wonderful way to learn more about parrots and interact with species you may not normally come in contact with. It does require a level of independence once trained, as often the director will be busy working on other projects, but if you can handle that we promise you will have a blast. Many of our volunteers will often be seen sweeping a floor with a parrot on their shoulder or possibly two and one on top of their head.

Did you know that not all volunteering is done onsite? Its true, we also need volunteers for transporting birds to and from the rescue, taking toy parts home to assemble toys, and if you are super ambitious we love having a few cooks! Our cooks prepare treats such as birdie bread and chop, then we arrange pick up! We can even send recipes, and trust us, you don’t have to be a Betty Crocker to cook this stuff.


In order to learn about you and match you with a task that you will not only enjoy but can do, please fill out the form below. Try to be as descriptive as possible, we want to get to know you!

Please understand that volunteering is a commitment, and after 2 no shows without communication you will no longer be permitted to volunteer.

Volunteer Form

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